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Philosophical walks

Chobham Common, 10 October 2015People who understand Plato say that the Florentines misunderstood him, and that their philosophy is most unsound. But in one respect at all events they used him rightly. Through him they recaptured for the world one of the secrets of ancient Greece - the secret of civilized conversation. The Middle Ages had separated serious discussion from daily life, confining it to the study and the lecture room and the hall of disputation. Florence, like Athens, summoned it into the open air, and bade it take its chance against birds and trees, evolve, if it could, from a dinner or a game of fives, yield, if it must, to a dance or to a song.

E M Forster: Gemistus Pletho

This is the idea behind our "philosophical walks". They aren't ambulatory lectures or structured discussions, simply walks during which philosophical discussion can take place due to the common interest of the walkers. Or not, if you'd rather just look at the scenery. The pace is unhurried, there is a stop for lunch in a pub, and, though boots are advisable as footpaths can get fairly muddy, usually trainers are quite adequate for the terrain of southeast England.  Dogs are welcome as far as I am concerned, but you should check if the pub for lunch takes the same view.

Have a look at our 2016 walks schedule below; as travel arrangements for all walks are posted some time in advance, it is worth checking the website for the next walk about a week beforehand, in case anything has had to be changed because of engineering works, etc. If you want further information about any of the walks, phone me on 07904 286774 or email secretary@pfalondon.org.

Andrew Dodsworth

Date Route Miles Railway station Journey time
SUN 31 Jan Longfield to Sole Street 8 Victoria 40 mins
Sat 13 Feb Hertford to Ware 8 Liverpool Street 50 mins
Sat 27 Feb Chilworth to Shalford 8 Waterloo 55 mins
Sat 12 Mar Wendover to Stoke Mandeville 8 Marylebone 55 mins
Sat 26 Mar Cowden to Edenbridge 7 London Bridge 50 mins
SUN 10 Apr Kings Langley to Hemel Hempstead 7 Euston 30 mins
Sat 23 Apr Worplesdon to Ash 9 Waterloo 55 mins
Sat 7 May Kings Sutton circular 7 Marylebone 80 mins
Sat 21 May Teynham to Faversham 8 Victoria 75 mins
Sat 4 Jun Kelvedon circular 9 Liverpool Street 50 mins
SUN 19 Jun Bentley to Farnham 9 Waterloo 70 mins
Sat 2 Jul Charlbury Circular 7 Paddington 80 mins
Sat 16 Jul Borough Green to West Malling 8 Victoria 50 mins
Sat 30 Jul Stewartby to Lidlington 8 St Pancras 70 mins
Sat 13 Aug Salfords to Horley 7 London Bridge 45 mins