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Philosophical walks

People who understand Plato say that the Florentines misunderstood him, and that their philosophy is most unsound. But in one respect at all events they used him rightly. Through him they recaptured for the world one of the secrets of ancient Greece - the secret of civilized conversation. The Middle Ages had separated serious discussion from daily life, confining it to the study and the lecture room and the hall of disputation. Florence, like Athens, summoned it into the open air, and bade it take its chance againstChobham Common, 10 October 2015 birds and trees, evolve, if it could, from a dinner or a game of fives, yield, if it must, to a dance or to a song.

E M Forster: Gemistus Pletho

Suspension of PFA walks

Due to persistent health problems, I am suspending the PFA walks schedule until further notice.  I am just not sufficiently confident of my ability to lead a walk on the day.

If some other PFA member(s) could take over leading the walks (not necessarily every fortnight, of course) then I could continue to supply logistical support (maps, emails etc) but of course there would need to be a definite committment.  If anyone does want to discuss this please email me on  secretary@pfalondon.org.

Andrew Dodsworth