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Midnight Philosophy by Candlelight

Joseph Wright of Derby: Virgil's tomb by moonlight

Meet up fortnightly on Thursday with Anja and other philosophers at midnight (UK time) for a candlelit hour of thinking about life, the universe and everything. All meetings are free, light a candle and join us on Zoom!  Come in from 23:45, event starts at midnight.  See you then!

Click on one of the links below to go to our Meetup page (if you're not a member of Meetup you will have to join, but it's free) and sign up for the event.



Midnight Philosophy 2021

11 March Health 12 August Travel
25 March Happiness 26 August Punishment
8 April Waiting 9 September Surprise
22 April Power 23 September Cheating
6 May Failure 7 October Communication
20 May Anger 21 October Beauty
3 June Life is short 4 November Violence
17 June Art 18 November Altruism
1 July Misunderstanding 2 December Conspiracy theories
15 July Disgust 16 December Trust
29 July Holidays 30 December New Year Resolutions