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About the speaker

Dr Joel Vos PhD MSc MA CPsychol FHEA is a psychologist, philosopher, and existential therapist. He has over 130 research publications and 6 books. He is senior researcher at the Metanoia Institute in London, where he does research into existential and humanistic psychotherapies.

He chairs the IMEC International Meaning Events & Community, which organises annual conferences, weekly peer-support/self-development groups, art and music events, workshops, training and publications on how to live a meaningful life in our modern era, and how to create meaning-oriented societies. The next IMEC conference is 12-13 June 2021, entitled 'Festival of Hope and Despair'. This lecture will be based on Joel's latest books: 'The psychology of COVID-19' (SAGE 2020), and the edited book on the IMEC conference 2020 that will be released soon: Joel Vos, Pninit Russo-Netzer & Stefan Schulenberg, 'Facing COVID-19 and beyond' in the new Meaning & Society Series of the University Professors' Press.

This is the second lecture that Joel has given at Kant's Cave.  In 2014, Joel gave a crowded lecture on 'Meaning in life for sceptics' (you remember, that was the time BC, when we could still meet in person in crowded pubs!); some of the questions and conversations after this lecture gave Joel some inspiration for his next books. He has for example referred to some of these anonymised conversations in his book 'Meaning in life: an evidence-based handbook for practitioners' (Palgrave MacMillan, 2018). The questions from the audience on the role of meaning in society also further motivated him to write his book 'The economics of meaning in life: from Capitalist Life Syndrome to Meaning-Oriented Society' (2020, University Professors Press). Read more on joelvos.com and for IMEC on meaning.org.uk