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Kant's Cave

The Cock Tavern, Chalton St, LondonOn the first Wednesday of every month the PFA meets at Kant's Cave for a lecture, debate and social evening. This takes place in the Cock Tavern, 23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB.

The idea of using the function room of a pub for our philosophy meetings is that we would like to combine serious philosophical activity with an informal exchange of ideas and views. We therefore invite everybody to stay on after the lectures for more talk and debate. 

All lectures start at 7.30 pm; there is no bar upstairs but the downstairs bar is open all day. There is a 2 door charge for non-PFA members.

Kant's Cave lectures 2019

Wed 2 Jan Anja Steinbauer Science, Ethics and Identity: A walk through Mary Midgley's ideas
Wed 6 Feb Dr Jane O'Grady How enlightening was the Enlightenment?
Wed 6 Mar Rick Lewis The philosophy of Philippa Foot
Wed 3 Apr Alexandra Konoplyanik The ethics of using personality tests in the workplace
Wed 1 May Bernard Hurley 70 years of The Concept of Mind
Wed 5 Jun Ronald Green Time to tell: A look at how we tick
Wed 3 July John Holroyd The Poverty of Patriotism
Wed 7 Aug Bill Thompson The Emperor's clothes, hello savoir, good riddance to sapiens
Wed 4 Sep Tom Rubens Matthew Arnold's Culture and Anarchy: Its relevance to today
Wed 2 Oct Dr Andrea Mura Reorienting borders
Wed 6 Nov Dr Eugen Fisher Zombie intuitions
Wed 4 Dec Dr Svenja Bromberg Democracy and its discontents
Photograph of The Cock Tavern, Chalton St, London © Copyright John Lord and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence