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Film Club

Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month (unless this coincides with Budget night) at the Two Chairmen, 39 Dartmouth Street, SW1H 9BP, at 7 pm. Nearest tube stations are St James Park (3 mins) and Westminster (8 mins) There is no charge, as the landlady of the Two Chairman kindly allows us to have the room for free, but we would ask that you buy at least one drink.

Films 2018

Date Film Director Runtime
17 Jan The swimmer Frank Perry, 1968 95 mins
21 Feb Fight Club David Fincher, 1999 139 mins
21 Mar Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Victor Fleming, 1941 112 mins
18 Apr Soylent Green Richard Fleischer, 1973 97 mins
16 May Never let me go Mark Romanek, 2010 103 mins
20 Jun Privilege Peter Watkins, 1967 103 mins
18 Jul The Party Sally Potter, 2017 71 mins
15 Aug Wake in fright Ted Kotcheff, 1971 109 mins
19 Sep Election Alexander Payne, 1999 102 mins
17 Oct The machine that kills bad people Roberto Rossellini, 1952 84 mins
21 Nov Happy-go-lucky Mike Leigh, 2007 118 mins
19 Dec No film club - too close to Xmas    
      112 mins