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Sat 26 October: Bexley circular; 7 miles

Frost and sunlight at Five ArchesA fairly flat walk in woodland and along the River Cray. There will be a meal break after about four and a half miles at the Seven Stars in Foots Cray.

The walk, including the meal stop, should take around four and a half  hours. You can download a map and elevation profile here.

You can also look at a map and aerial photograph side by side at the brilliant Where's the path? site, though the route is not marked on that.

Meet at Bexley station at 0932, or on the 0902 Gravesend train from platform 2* at Charing Cross. This train can also be boarded at Waterloo East (0905, platform A*) and London Bridge (0911, platform 6*). 

If you are planning to come on this walk, please click on this Doodle poll link to let me know - this will not be taken as a binding commitment, but does help by letting me know roughly how many people to expect (and where to expect them).     

For more information about this or any other PFA walk, phone me on 07904 286774, or email me at secretary@pfalondon.org

Andrew Dodsworth

* Platforms are as given on Railtrack website, but may be subject to change.

Photograph of Frost and sunlight at Five Arches Copyright David Martin and licensed for reuse under the Creative Commons Licence